Sunday, July 01, 2007

Today's Stupid Fuck of the Day is...

The Ultimate Republi-cunt - Ann Coulter!

When she's not busy disrespecting the wives of 911 heroes, or blowing Cheney, she's attacking John Edwards and other "Librul Moonbats"!

Elizabeth Edwards should just take this anemic piece of shit out behind the woodshed and teach her the manners her momma should have.

Ann Coulter, you are deuddersun's Stupid Fuck of The Day!

Congratulations! This award entitles your privaleged ass to a free ride to the local Marine Corps recruiter, where you can take the "Dick" out of your mouth and put your money there instead!

A hearty Fuck off and die to you! Any self-righteous "terrist" wouldn't waste a bullet on your sorry, skinny, butt-ugly ass!

This the face of the enemy. This is the face of the Republican party.

Personally Ann, I wouldn't fuck ya with Karl Rove's dick! (Does he even have one?)


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