Monday, June 18, 2007

Back On My Head...

A man died and much to his dismay found himself before the gates of Hell where he was greeted by a rather large, particularly ugly, demon. Looking his name up in the Big Black Book, the demon informed the man that he was faced with three choices. With a wave of his gnarly, taloned hand, the demon magically transported them to a long corridor with doors on either side.

Referring once again to the Book of the Damned, the demon opened a door and told the man to look inside. Doing so the man saw a huge room full of people standing in a sea of shit up to their necks. Horrified, the poor soul asked the demon what his other choices were. The demon proceeded down the hall.

Coming to the second door, the demon opened it and bade the man look. Again the man peered inside only to see a huge room full of people standing in shit up to their waists. Groaning miserably, the doomed one queried, "And the third choice?" Closing door number two, the demon bade the man follow him further.

Upon opening the third and final door, the demon cautioned the man, "Look ye upon your third and final choice. Choose wisely." Inside the quivering sinner saw yet another huge room, and in it, countless other lost souls standing in shit up to their knees drinking coffee.

"Well", said the man, "this doesn't look too bad, at least the foul mess only reaches my kness, I choose this room."

"Are you sure?", asked the demon. "Once you have chosen you cannot change your mind."

"Yes, yes!", replied the man.

"Very well", the demon responded. "Enter and take your place for all eternity."

OH, and as for the rest of you, coffee-break is over. Back on your heads!"

In 10 minutes I will be leaving to spend the summer working on a TV movie in Connecticut. TV is brutal, the hours are long and the pace is frenetic. Since we are starting this one late, it is possible we will also have to work weekends. The good news is, I will now have the option of taking the winter off.

Blogging will be light, unless I break down and buy a laptop. I get a substantial Union discount with Dell, so the possibility is good.

At any rate, I send love to all of you. Enjoy your lives, love each other, fight for Peace and the safe return of our Troops.

It's time for me to get back on my head.


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