Monday, February 05, 2007

Superbowl XLI Highlights

Okay, so the title is a little misleading, but hey, I'm a Eagles fan, Yo Adrian!

That being said, I gotta tell ya I have never been a fan of Prince or the Artist Formerly Known As Prince, or whatever moniker he's going under now. I was way too Heavy Metal in the '80's to even consider listening to what I considered a "pop" act.

Well, all that changed last night.

A few short years ago this concert wouldn't have been allowed. Back in the days when I worked in Rock & Roll, microphones and electric guitars had cords so the risk of electrocution would have been too great to chance. Now, with everything being "wireless", that doesn't seem to be a concern. The rain was so heavy, CBS said they were constantly changing from one to the other of their 48 cameras in order to give the crew time to wipe the lenses. A miserable night for sure.

That didn't stop Prince and that is what initially earned my admiration. "The Show Must Go On" is more than just a saying to those of us in the "biz", it is our creed. And Prince lived up to it Big Time! When many another of today's pampered "Stars" may have balked at doing an open air show in weather like this, Prince gave his heart and soul and even infused the downpour with his closing song, "Purple Rain".

The second thing that won me over was his talent on the guitar. Not since the original Guitar God, Jimi Hendrix have I heard a musician bend a riff like Prince did last night. In fact, there are times during his performance when I can almost see Jimi, a shadow in the background, bending the notes like only he could do, until now. And, a bonus! No bare, brown boobies to corrupt the kiddies and undermine the sanctity of Marriage and the Integrity of the Amerikan Family!

So if you missed it, here it is in two parts. Enjoy!

Oh yeah, the Colts won.


Part 1

Part 2

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