Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Nominee For Membership

Brothers and fellow Scholars of The American Patriot Institute, I hereby nominate Kitchen Window Woman for membership in the American Patriot Institute.

Having examined her blog and found her to be in accordance with our Patriotic Mission to save our Democracy,

As Well as the fact that said Kitchen Window Woman is a Veteran, having served as a Nurse in the United States Army, and

Being as she is an eloquent spokesperson for Our Cause,

I hereby petition my fellow Scholars to admit to membership of The American Patriot Institute,

One United States Army Nurse, Kitchen Window Woman.

Kindly indicate your vote, yea or nay, in the comments below. Should this nomination pass, then an Invitation shall be extended to Kitchen Window Woman to join the American Patriot Institute.

Gentlemen, the Lady pictured above has served her country. She put her money where her mouth is putting our Comrades back together again. She would be the first Officer and the first Woman to be so included amongst our prestigious ranks.

Order is called and the Vote is on the floor.

I vote "Aye", how say you?


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