Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Just Thinking...

Just thinking about me out here, will ya?

Concerning the trial of "Scooter" Libby, remember when Bush said he would fire anyone in his Administration who was involved in outing Valerie Plame?

I do. Remember when he revised his position on July 19th, 2005?

Here let me refresh your memory:

WASHINGTON - President Bush said Monday that if anyone on his staff committed a crime in the CIA-leak case, that person will "no longer work in my administration." His statement represented a shift from a previous comment, when he said that he would fire anyone shown to have leaked information that exposed the identity of a CIA officer. MSNBC

Maybe this will bring it all back.

This just points up how important this trial really is. Someone committed a crime here and that someone needs to be punished as promised. So, ah, who do you think Bush will fire? Rove? Cheney?

Next case.

Seems to me the midterm elections last November were pretty much all about ending the War in Iraq, right?
Anybody-else noticed how easily the Neo-cons have shifted the focus to ending the Surge in Iraq?

Come on, we all know that an additional 21,500 troops won't do much to stabilize what amounts to a Civil War! So why all the hoopla about sending them? Distraction and obfuscation! Prolong the agony until Bush is out and the next President, probably a Democrat, will be stuck un-fucking his mess!

These folks are masters of manipulation and it looks like they have succeeded again! It's time to get the message back on track. Fuck the "surge"! End the "War" and you end the "Surge", get it?

Finally, about Iran.

"My Spidey-sense" has been tingling like crazy! Anybody-else consider we may be walking blindly into an ambush, set in motion years ago by Bin Laden to get the American Army on his turf, and then cripple it, if not practically annihilate it?

Now I don't know when Iran actually became such a potent military force. Didn't they fight an 8 year war with a country we have defeated twice in a matter of weeks? I know, I know, the second time has us bogged down, but only because we remained there as occupiers. There is no doubt that we won the initial "War" with ease.

Well, while we have been tied down in Iraq, Iran has been busy building it's forces. Now it has been a stated mission of Usama Bin Fergotten to get us tied down in Iraq and then engage us there, on his "turf". Why travel here to kill Americans when you can get them to come to you?

So here's the scenario that spells "ambush" to me. We surge. We're already starting. We "discover" Iranian operatives in Iraq, (I have no doubt that they are there. Why wouldn't they be? What happens in Iraq is of tantamount importance to Iran, just as what happens in Mexico or Canada is of importance to our own "National Security". Do you think for one minute we would ignore an invasion of either nation without some interdiction on our part?)

Bush orders air strikes of Iran's Nuclear Facilities. The question here is, will we actually get the "real" ones, or just decoys constructed for this purpose? Anyway, the new Commander, who happens to be a Naval Aviator, Adm. William Fallon, carries out the President's orders and hits Iran from our carriers .

Iran considers this an outright "Act of War" and reacts with an all out invasion of Iraq. This would be timed to coincide with a massive Shia uprising in Iraq, forcing our military to fight on two fronts. Iran has missiles capable of attacking our carriers and they are launched. The whole mess escalates. We are hard pressed to protect our troops who suddenly find themselves with no safe ground from which to fight from. The Madhi Militia, some 40,000 strong is wreaking havoc as an effective fifth column. We have no ready reserves with which to counter this other than the Nuclear option, which we can't use because 1.) it would enflame every Muslim in the World to come to the Aid of Iran, and 2.) because there is no doubt in my military mind that China is secretly in bed with Iran and we would end up in a direct confrontation with them.

So, we face a Custer's Last Stand in Iraq as we engage Iraqi insurgents, Iranian Regulars and possibly Syria as well. (They know they are on Bush's list, why not join the fray and strike a debilitating blow against the military might of a country that has threatened them repeatedly? That refuses to even talk to them?) This could be a catastrophic loss that would take us years to recover from. We are not on a War footing here at home like we were in WWII, where we could gear up our factories and crank it out! Hell, do we even have any factories left?

In the end, Bin Fergotten gets what he has wanted all along - a fight to the finish on his home ground, at a time of his choosing with the odds in his favor. And if you think this is farfetched remember, these people are meticulous in their planning, waiting years at times to carry out their missions. They attacked the Word Trade Center in '93 and waited eight years to attack again! That is a hard concept for us to swallow. We are used to immediate results, instant gratification. We simply don't have the patience or attention span as a nation, to wait that long for anything, but we are making a grave mistake to assume that everyone-else is the same as we are. These people have been carrying on war for 1300 years, they believe they have all the time in the world to defeat us. Bush and the neo-cons are hurrying to comply with them, rather than strepping back and considering the final consequences of their misplaced zeal to "get the job done". It's the old "Bring 'em on" mentality. WE simply aren't strong enough any longer to "take 'em on" all at once!

So what do you think? Anyone who thinks I'm full of shit should spend a few hours with Sun Tzu's "The Art Of War", the same treatise General Schwartzkopf used to defeat Iraq in the First Gulf War! As far as I'm concerned, we are being lured into a trap by an opponent far smarter and much more patient than the bozo's in the White House. And that is what scares the shit out of me!


...and now, just to ease your troubled minds and remind us of what we fight against in the War For America, I give you...

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