Thursday, September 21, 2006

Let's Keep The Left Right!!

VFW member at a speech given by George W. Bush to the Veterans of Foreign Wars expresses his opinion of what he is hearing from the Commander In Chief.

In a recent post at Any Which Way, mybrother, scroff, featured a new Televison Ad attacking Sen. George Allen, Republican, of Virginia, by a new Left-leaning Veterans group,

The ad claims that Sen. Allen voted against giving our troops in Iraq the new body armor and states that our troops were given Viet Nam Era body armor instead. This point is driven home graphically when two sets of body armor, one, supposedly from the Viet Nam era and the other, modern, are shot with an AK-47 at a range of about 50 feet. When the armor is ripped open, the mannequin with the old body armor shows three bullet wounds, the modern armor does not, thus implying that Sen. Allen is somehow responsible for American casualties in Iraq. Great ad.

Except for one thing - it isn't true.

In an update, featured prominently on the Front Page of Any Which Way, scroff exposes this ad and expresses his disgust at the tactics being employed in it. Why is this important?

The most valuable weapon we have against the Neo-cons is the truth. Unlike most on the Right, who will vehemently defend the lies being handed them by our current administration, in spite of hard facts to the contrary, we on the Left must surely take the higher ground. Not only must we expose the lies of this administration and it's supporters, it is our duty to ensure that what we say and do is right and true.

Good job, Bro.

Let's all work to make sure no one shows up at one of our events wearing "Bullshit Protectors"!

Let's keep the Left Right!



Never one to leave any stone unturned, scroff wrote to, questioning the veracity of their ad. Seems they were right all along! I have to wonder how many Right-leaning bloggers would go through all this trouble to verify a post!

Anyway, kudos to scroff! For the Whole story, click on the link below!


Now that's what I call keeping the Left, Right!



For those of you who have been following this here, (that would be you Fred), there is a further update. Media Matters has weighed in on the side of You can find their investigation and conclusion through the link above, under UPDATE.


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