Saturday, August 28, 2004

A "Real" American Hero Serving His Country Posted by Hello

Okay! Listen up, Maggots! Who says George Bush didn't serve his country honorably? While it may be true that not one veteran who "served" with Georgie Boy in Alabama may be able to remember seeing him during those "missing" 18 months, this picture clearly shows our Commander In Chief doing just that! Do you think they may have had too much to drink?

I am forming Alcholholic Veterans Who May Have Served With Bush But Can't Remember! Any Veteran who has ever gotten so drunk he couldn't remember his own name is welcome to join. Our mission will be to support George Bush's contention that he served his full Tour of Duty with honor! With strong statements such as, "Gee, I was in the military then, so I guess I served with Georgie, I just can't remember.", we will put to rest, at long last, the notion that our Peace President, uh War President was AWOL!

(Uh, which is it Mr. President? Oh! You're the War President, but, you wanna be the Peace President!)

Shit, who cares! Pour another round, spark up a joint and somebody lay me down some rails! Let's get high and forget it!


Hey Lyndon! Another drunk-ass hillbilly from Texas is in the White House! You think 'Nam was a War? A'hm gonna show you a fuckin' WAR, Cowboy!

Laura! Where's mah cowboy suit?


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