Saturday, May 15, 2004

They say the Numbers don't lie...

51,000 The amount of money, in US dollars, Martha Stewart risked her Billion dollar Empire to save.

The number of new jobs created in the United States last month.

2.6 million
The number of new Jobs the Bush Whitehouse projected would be created this year (2004) over last year (2003).

The number of new jobs that must now be created every month in order to fullfill the above projection.

The number of consecutive months American Manufacturers have eliminated jobs in the United States.

The percentage of American unemployed which has remained "steady" due to the fact that for many, unemployment benefits have expired and they are no longer counted as being "unemployed".

The average number of weeks unemployment benefits have been relied upon, the highest since 1984.

3.3 million
The number of White Collar jobs projected to be offshored by the year 2015 if the current trend in "offshoring" continues.

2.2 million
The approximate number of jobs lost in the United States since George Walker Bush took over as President.

21.6 million
The number of new jobs created by the Clinton Administration, in spite of all Bill's insidious lies about "blowjobs" and "cigars".

167 Billion
The record budget surplus, in US dollars, accrued under the Clinton Administration and left to the Bush Administration in 2000.

521 Billion
The record budget deficit, in US dollars, the Bush Administration will create under Bush's current 2.4 Trillion dollar budget.

The total number of penalty minutes accrued in Friday's shelacking of the Ottawa Senators by the Philadelphia Flyers, setting an all time NHL record for most penalty minutes in a single game. In addition to the brawl, the Flyers also won the game, 5-3.