Saturday, May 15, 2004

deuddersun says...Welcome!

Well, I've been torturing everybody-else with my bullshit so I figgered maybe it's time I let some other's torture me. Here's yer shot, go fer it! At some point I'll figger this all out and maybe even make it respectable. Yeah right. Anyway, I'm not going to post too many articles here, you can read them for yourselves elsewhere. What I am going to post is my opinions on various topics. Some of them may lean to the "Left", others to the "Right", and some uniquely my own. The links on the sidebar lead to other blogs and websites that I like. Again, some lean to the "Left" and some lean to the "Right". They ALL represent individuals who have always welcomed me, (well, almost always), and respected my opinions. Please offer them the same courtesy. As for "Rools & Regs" for commenting, I don't really have any. Comment away. One thing I will not tolerate is attacks against a poster's family. Insult the poster all you want, (hey, we're all grown-ups here, we should be able to defend ourselves), but leave someone's mother out of it, if you get my drift. Other than that, I hope you enjoy yourselves. May you have as much fun reading this as I get writing it!