Thursday, December 17, 2009

Sickening indeed...

I never thought it would come to this, but I have to say, there are a lot of Democrats I won't be voting for again, and that includes you, Mr. President.

I have, for well over a year now, proudly displayed your picture in my margin over the words, "Another Union Marine for Obama". You have made me ashamed of that. You have made me doubt myself. How could I have been so blind, how could I have been so fooled? The only answer I can come up with is the one I convinced myself of so long ago, that anybody would have been better than four more years of Republican chicanery. I was wrong.

At least with the Republicans I know what to expect. I know they are against me and those like me. I know that they are self-serving, soul-less creatures who worship at the alter of the almighty dollar. I don't expect anything less from them and I did garner a certain joy in fighting them for eight long years at every turn. I tuned in every night to Keith Olbermann and reveled in his tirades against the Bush Crime Cartel and posted them all right here. I was convinced that once you were elected you would make things right. I looked forward to the end of our military involvement in Iraq. I relished the idea that Gitmo would be closed. I celebrated in the knowledge that justice was finally coming to America and that every American citizen would have access to quality healthcare, regardless of socio-economic status. You, Mr. President, would boldly lead us into the new century and a new America that truly offered the American Dream to everyone. I was so wrong.

Mr. President, in my eyes you have betrayed us. You have sat idly by and watched our dreams get swept away by a handful of Insurance Company cronies led by the ultimate turncoat, Joe Lieberman. You have failed to close Gitmo. You have failed to extricate us from Iraq. And now you have failed us again on an issue of such colossal importance that I can no longer turn away and forgive you your sins.

"Yes We Can" rings empty and unfulfilled.

I can't even credit you with "No we can't", because you just didn't even really try.

You have shown us all plainly that it is, after all, "No We Won't".

Now, excuse me while I replace your picture in my margin with the one best suited to you. The one above, Nobama!