Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Undecided? Meet Barack Obama

Six days from today, on November 4, 2008, Americans will decide which direction this great nation of ours will take into the 21st Century. To me the choice is clear and simple. Barack Obama holds the promise of much needed change. To others, the prospect of change is frightening, for they fear it will transform America into something unrecognizable to them, and so they will choose the status quo - 4 more years of Bush's failed policies, 4 more years of a government that coddles Wall Street and is unresponsive to Main Street.

Still others have yet to decide. They have been bombarded with falsehoods regarding Barack Obama - he's a Muslim, he pals around with "terrorists", he won't wear an American Flag lapel pin, he is only concerned with African American issues, he will bring socialism to America, he isn't a "real" American.

None of this is true.

Yes, he will bring change. Change is what is needed. But what if I told you that that change will return us to the America we knew before George Bush and the neo-cons took power 8 long years ago in 2000? What if I told you that that change will put Americans to work again? That change will strengthen our failing economy? That change will greatly improve our educational system? That change will ensure that no American need ever fear catastrophic illness again?
That no American need ever watch a loved one die due to lack of proper health care? That no American will go bankrupt due to overwhelming medical bills again? That our troops will come home from a war they never should have been made to fight in the first place? That this will strengthen our National Security? That this will give our military a much needed rest and time to rebuild? (Very critical in a time when North Korea threatens to reduce our ally, South Korea, to rubble. We still have troops stationed there who would be over-run and over-matched should this occur. How will we save them with so many troops policing a country, (Iraq), that by now should surely be able to police itself?)

Is that so bad? Not at all. In fact it is what the Republicans have been promising us for the last 8 years. Promises they have consistantly failed to deliver on while fattening the purses of the ultra-rich and the multi-national corporations who have no interest in seeing the average American succeed.

So to those of you who haven't decided yet, to those of you who are leaning towards McCain - Palin, I ask you to meet Barack Obama. A real American who cares for all Americans!

Obama-Biden '08!


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