Friday, October 24, 2008

KDKA: Police say Ashley Todd Assault a Hoax

KDKA: Police say Ashley Todd Assault a Hoax

by Jack Ryan

Ashley Todd's assault has been confirmed to be a hoax, according to KDKA. Police reportedly admitted Friday the attack was a hoax.

20-year-old Ashley Todd was facing a polygraph test to be administered by officials after claiming she was brutally beaten over her political views.

Ashley Todd, who claimed she was attacked and robbed of $60 at an ATM in the Pittsburgh, Bloomfield area Wednesday night when a '6'4, 200-pound black man' mugged her and discovered she was a McCain/Palin supporter.

According to Todd, the man robbed her at knifepoint before noticing the McCain bumper sticker on her car - triggering him to allegedly begin beating Todd with his hands and feet and carving an odd, backwards "B" on her face with his knife.

How desparate are these Rightwing Lunatics?


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