Saturday, October 04, 2008

The Biden/Palen Debate - A View From The Right?

I guess most of you tuned in for the debate the other night. Personally, I thought Palin looked robotic, hastily spewing out nonsense she had been pre-programmed with in run-on sentences with little or no relevance to the questions posed onnaconna ya see Joe Sixpack wanted her to speak directly to him and the hockey mom's (wink) who are hungry for energy with their lipstick-wearin' pitbulls and I've got lot's of energy (wink) 'cause see Alaska, that's up in the North and I can actually see Russia from my kitchen window (wink) 'cause I' m a maverick, team of mavericks (wink) but ya know global warming needs to be fixed whether or not man caused it but I don't think women had anything to do with that produces 20% of the nations energy golly gee(wink), shout out to all the kids (wink) awwwwwwwwwww, say it ain't so Joe! (wink wink).

Kinda like a resident of Wasilla who may have partaken in a little of that Methamphetamine they like to produce up there. (I mean she did name one of her sons "Track"! So what's with all those long sleeves, Sarah?)

I am happy to know, however, after all this time, thinking that we kinda wasted fifteen years and some 54,000 American lives in a worthless pursuit called "The Viet Nam Conflict", that John McCain, (the only "Reverse Ace" I ever heard of, he crashed 4 planes before he was shot down) actually won the dam war after all! Makes me proud to be a 'Merkin!

Now many of you may be saying, "Aw, hell, d., we know you're nothing but a commie lovin, mother and apple pie hatin', Union ingrate, Godless embarrassment to the United States Marine Corps, anti-'Merkin traitor who spends more time on youporn waxin' the ole bat than in church", and I'd have to say, you're absolutely right! (For once!)

So for those of you on the Right, I've brought back those good ole boys from RedStateUpdate to balance my drug and booze addled Librul moonbat opinions with those of the 'Merkin Heartland!


(I'm gonna spark up a fatty and go grocery shopping - nothing like going to the supermarket with a severe case of the munchies!)


Truth be told, I have to agree with ole Jackie Broyles, Sarah is better than a great de-bater, hell she's a master-bater!

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