Saturday, July 05, 2008

4th of July Weekend

The title of this post says "4th of July weekend", I know, but I just couldn't come up with any Patriotic-type stuff to post. No matter how many tokes I took on the old peace pipe, (and I just got some new incredibly amazing "pipe-weed"), I couldn't quite wrap my brain around the idea.

So I went in search of those who originally came up with the whole "Independence/Democracy" plan in the first place. The painting above, is John Trumbull's dipiction of the signing of the Declaration of Independence, (look closely, John Adams appears to be stepping on Thomas Jefferson's foot!). No matter how hard I tried, no matter how long I stared at the painting above, I could get no closer to the truth of what it was they intended for the future of this new nation.

So I thought maybe I ought to read the document they came up with, something called the "Declaration Of Independence".

Now I've read it before, most of us have. Sometime in school I'm sure. And at that time it must have been a tedious task for a rambunctious little rascal like me. But I must have muddled thru none-the -less, it all seemed so familiar. Kinda reminded me of a place I used to live. America.

And it kinda made me remember what "Patriotism" is really all about. Kitchen Window Woman wrote a terrific post on it the other day at the American Patriot Institute site.

And it made me kinda sad when I realized that many of the Charges that these brave men, (to whom we pay homage today, well...yesterday), brought against King Geroge of Great Britain could well be brought against our own "King" George in the White House.

And that made me kinda angry.

So, if I'm feeling Patriotic this weekend, it's not in the ususal sense, that is to say, a sense our current government would approve of.

But a sense of patriotism that I'm sure the Founding Fathers, the men who signed the Declaration of Independence, who started this whole Democracy thing, would be proud of me for.

Happy 4th of July!

Oh, if you'd care to refresh your memory a bit, go here.


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