Saturday, April 12, 2008

Saturday Afternoon with Hypo

This picture was taken with my camera phone. Pictures seem to do better than videos. Well, what the hell, it's a phone after all, not a Panaflex (Hell, you can't buy one of those at any price!). The mutt on the left is me with my buddy Mike, aka, Hypo. No he's not an addict and he doesn't think he's always sick either, just a little, um, hyper-active, but let me tell you, he does get the work done ricky ticky.

The job is going well. The hours are long, as usual, and as you can see include Saturdays at this point, but hey, we just came off a strike and the schekels are most appreciated. Since I haven't found anyone rich who thinks I'm such a great guy I deserve to share in their wealth, I guess I'll have to keep on keeping on. That's not such a bad thing. As you can see, we always enjoy ourselves, no matter how hard the job. I've always said the hardest job in the world is easy with the right people and the simplest job in the world becomes unbearable when you are working with assholes. So since this crew is great, the work is easy and enjoyable. Now who could ask for more that that?

To quote Buffalo, "Life is good", because I'm having fun and making money and it just don't get any better than that.


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