Sunday, March 16, 2008

Winter Soldier

I'm feeling a little guilty this morning. While hundreds of my Brother and Sister Veterans have been baring their souls at the Winter Soldier Testimonies in Silver Springs, Maryland, I spent my computer time yesterday describing my Monday morning drive to the Big Apple and lamenting a lifestyle that has often run way out of control. While there is certainly a place for posts like the one below, and while it may have entertainment value, I feel that I should have been reminding, no, urging people to pay attention to what these brave American Patriots are saying about our occupation of Iraq. I spent most of yesterday listening and watching and I feel it is important to get the word out before the event ends today.

So this morning I would like to ask my readers to click on the Winter Soldier banner in the header and spend a little time listening to what is really going on in our names in Iraq.

I am also posting a video this morning and I urge all like minded readers to copy it and either post it or send it to friends and relatives who may be more concerned with money, profits and wasteful spending than the cost of the War in American and Iraqi lives.

It was produced, not by a "fringe group", but by the American Friends Service Committee and is sure to get any real Conservative's blood boiling once he or she realizes just how expensive Bush's Folly really is. (Then again, maybe not, but it's worth a try.)

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