Friday, September 14, 2007

Bush-shit Math

Help expose the Bush-shit math designed to confuse and manipulate the American Public!

Read the letter below and see if you can help with a small contribution! If we don't spread the Truth and counter the Lies, who will?

President Bush told us last night that he plans on keeping 130,000 troops in Iraq indefinitely—no end in sight.

Bush's strategy? Distract from that grim proposal by making a big deal out of the 30,000 "surge" troops that are returning next summer—despite the fact that they were coming home anyway because the military is stretched so thin. But if he can convince the public and the media that his plan is a "withdrawal," Congress won't be able to pass real legislation to end this reckless war.

We've put together a new ad that calls Bush's bluff and tells Congress that his plan isn't going to cut it. We want to rush it onto TV Monday. But to do that, we need your support. Can you chip in $25 to get it on the air? Click below to contribute and watch the ad.

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