Saturday, August 25, 2007

Sayzero...Poker Star?

Sayzero. What a hero!

Most of you know that I enjoy playing on-line poker. So does my Brother scroff and his lady Ruthalla. It seems that a real American Patriot, sayzero, took umbrage at Ruthalla's avatar and proceeded to browbeat her during the time they played together in a $200 tournament.

As if that wasn't enough, sayzero, our hero, (gee it rhymnes!), didn't feel that verbally assaulting a real American was enough, he had to google her and came upon Any Which Way, where he took it upon himself to defend his country and his president further, by abusing my brother Scroff, and his military service to our nation.

Here is an excerpt of the e-mail he sent to Ruhalla:

"You're a disgusting piece of shit for a human being. Also, you have little to no education has you pretended. I know more about you than you do about me. You are not anonymous now you filthy piece of shit you. I see per this site your ignorance knows no bounds. I mean really, the hits are on this site (your absurd assbackwards views) are like you, dismal. Tell Scroff or whatever the Loser's name is that he is a dishonor to his country too.

Who knows, maybe one day I might want to meet you face to face just so I can spit in yours!"

Nice, huh?
It is actions like this that just endear the Republicunts to those of us on the Left side of the aisle.

Well, sayzero, I will say "Zero", because that's what you are cupcake. You claim to be a Veteran and yet when we google you, the above picture is what we come up with. A character in a children's video game. I suggest you change your name at Poker Stars because I will be looking for you.

And if meeting me on-line doesn't do it for you, e-mail me at the link above and I'll meet you face to face, where-upon I, a real Veteran, will kindly rip off your empty fucking head and shit down your fucking neck.

Got me turdblossom?

Don't fuck with my family!


By the way, Ruthalla beat his sorry ass and placed 2nd in the Tournament! You go girl!

scroff, have you considered forwarding these threats to Poker Stars and having his account deleted?

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