Sunday, June 24, 2007

An Enigma No More...

After a long hiatus, which had many of us wondering about her well being, our blog-Sister, Enigma Forever, has returned.

The journey she has been on is one not even the most cynical among us could conceive of. This woman, and her family, has been beset upon by Big Business for spilling the beans on some very illegal activities.

She has been poisoned. Literally. Her home ransacked. Her life turned upside down.

To hear the details, drop in at Watergate Summer. You won't want to believe these things could actually happen in the United States of America. It reads like a movie script and it explains her prolonged absence.

Name names Enigma, here in the blogosphere. There are those of us out here who know how to "repay" your tormentors.

Welcome back Sister.

Watergate Summer


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