Wednesday, March 14, 2007


Good morning! It's 0400 hours and I thought I'd grab a few minutes to say "Hey" before I hit the shower and head for Fantasy Land again this morning.

So far, the job is going very well on our end, although the hours are brutal. I am sorry I haven't answered anyone's comments, but I promise to do so as soon as my machine at home (Philly), is back online. Seems I really messed it up this time and I may have to reload all my original programs in order to rectify it, sigh. Hell, the machine is 7 years old and doesn't owe me a thing. Any Mac users out there? I 'm thinking of switching.

As I mentioned, the job is going well on our end, however, I am sad to report to Spadoman that Craft Service is dismal, the worst of any I've ever experienced. Now, as Spadoman and I have indicated before, Craft Service is a prime indicator of Production's commitment to the Crew and, overall, to the production itself, and these folks are tripping over quarters to pick up nickels - more on that later. Suffice it to say that their shortsightedness will undoubtedly cost them big time down the road as things develop. I'm not talking about shitty attitudes here, our Crew is way too professional for that, I'm talking about foolish decisions that will cost big bucks when shooting begins. Well, that seems to be the new Business Norm in Bush's America - try to accomplish too much with too little too late, then play catch-up.

Speaking of Bush, I am happy to see that the Second American Revolution is alive and well. I received an e-mail from Spadoman regarding a petition to Congress to fillibuster against the War. Interesting concept. I signed on because I am willing to try anything that may bring an end to the Fiasco in Iraq and prevent an even greater calamity in Iran. I've checked both of Spado's blogs and it isn't up there, so I an posting the link here.

Other than that, not much to say at the moment. Gotta hit the shower. Have fun, enjoy life, love each other, work for Peace.



Well, it looks like I called it on the Craft Service, this morning we all got fired! Seriously. The job shut down for a "few weeks" while they "re-think" the "project.

Well, time will tell. In the meantime it's back in the pond! Wish me luck!

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