Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Six Bullets From Now

Had an opportunity to jump online and say hey to everybody. It's now 2234 hours, (10:34 pm for all you civilian types). My buddy Bob had to run back down to Philly this evening so I caught a chance to get online and say wassup?

I hope everybody is doing well and staying happy and healthy. I noticed mebrudder, scroff posted a little update along with a video which I can neither view nor hear on this machine. I guess it's time I broke down and got a laptop, sigh. My buddy, Bob, who is a kind of McGiver, rigged this baby up from parts of discarded machines he found at various times on the street, so while it works fine, it doesn't have the horsepower to play YouTube and it doesn't have speakers. It really doesn't matter since I'll hear it at some point and since scroff signed off on it you can't blame me!

So, good friends, I'm off to bed. Reville is at 0430 hours, (4:30 am ) and I need mny beauty rest. Oh yeah, the name of the picture I'm working on is "Six Bullets From Now", starring Robert Downey, Jr. That's all I know so far, and I'm having a blast and making a pile, but I do miss you guys. I'll try to fix my machine in Philly this weekend and give you more of an update.

Till then...

Pax Tibi


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