Sunday, October 01, 2006

What A Weekend!

damagster's Pride & Joy

We had quite a few plans for this past weekend. None of them included this.

Friday night I got a phone call from damagster. She was upset and shaken, (but not crying, magster is a tough little tomato). It seems she had been waiting to make a left turn onto I-95, on her way home from work, when a Lexus, attempting to beat an SUV, hit her. The oncoming lanes were reduced at that point, from two lanes to one, due to roadwork and this idiot decided he had to get there first. He wasn't even close.

I'm not going to say anymore about this due to legal ramifications, but, fortunately, no-one was seriously injured, (Mags is very sore, with a huge bruise where her shoulder harness was, a cut leg and a fat lip). I spent Saturday taking pictures like the one above and getting Police reports, etc.

So now we have to decide what to do about another car. We still have my Dodge Ram pick-up and a little Mitsubishi puddle-jumper, but that car was Mag's baby. I have wanted to get her a new car for some time, but she loved that one, so I redid it for her to the tune of $8,000. For the record it's a 1988 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme with a new engine, paint job, vinyl roof, sound system, etc., etc. Monday I'm having it towed to a buddy's body shop and if the frame isn't bent, I'll get it rebuilt again. Hey, it's gonna cost me either way, buy a new one or fix the old one. Since she loves this car so much, well...

On the other hand, if it can't be made right, I kinda like the Chrysler Crossfire or the Caddy CTS-V, but it's not up to me, it's up to my Lady. Either way, we'll be allright.

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