Friday, May 13, 2005

Did Ya Miss Me?

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Been a while. Dealin' with the "reel world". Working hard. Too much to talk about in one moment, but for starters, "The Interpreter", "The Forgotten", "Hide And Seek", "Johnny Zero", "Find Me Guilty", "The Producers", "Lady Luck" (or Lucky Lady or Whatever They settled on for a name), "Love Monkey", and now, my own little bizniz on the side.

Sorry guys. Didn't mean to "dis" ya. Just that the clock is running, the sand is almost through the hourglass, gotta make hay while that big beautiful sun is shinning. Kinda like running the 440 and seeing the finish line, gotta suck it up and sprint to the end.

No, I ain't dyin'. Hell, I ain't even sick. Just gettin' older. And in a world where making it and saving it is becoming almost impossible for the "Average Guy", realizing that I gotta make it count, now more than ever before. Hey, I got folks to take care of.

But I did and do miss you. So I'll try and catch up. But, as I said before somewhere here, the nature of this blog is going to change. Kind of a metamorphosis. Blogs are personal by nature, and this one is going to get more personal and less political. I'll save the political stuff for scroff and Ruthie at Any Which Way. Hell, they do a much better job of it anyway. (Now don't be mad at me if I do get political from time to time - some things just can't be ignored!)

Anyway, it feels good to post again. Even if I barely remember how to.



PS: Anybody notice the date?


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