Thursday, November 18, 2004

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deuddersun says what he thinks about Marines who kill wounded enemies!

No news story re-posts, just deuddersun's opinion!

Stay Tuned!!!


I had this post written and ready to post when my fuckin' machine crashed and I lost it all. So be patient, it's coming and it's worth it, (well, at least I think so and since it's my blog that's the way it is!).

I know, this sounds like "the dog ate my homework", but c'mon, folks, it's 9:30 Saturday night, I got a hot blonde waitng and a heavy bet on Sugar Shane Mosley in the fight tonight (HBO, 9:45 est.). Cut me a huss, willya? It'll be up tomorrow, I promise Teacher!

In the meantime, since it is Saturday night, I hope all of you are curled up with the one you love enjoying each other.

Nothing could be finer...

Pax Tibi,


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