Sunday, July 18, 2004

Back To Work!

deuddersun, Cappy & da Big Blue Dodge Posted by Hello
Well friends, just got off the phone and I'm due in Bayonne, NJ at 0700 tomorrow morning.  Looks like 12 hour days until maybe September, so blogging may be light, LOL!  I'm happy about it though, because, thanks to overtime, (something our Pres-idiot is trying hard to change in favor of Big Biz), I'll be working 60 hours a week but I'll get paid for 90!  It's been kinda slow this year so this is Deus ex Machina!  (You Liberal Arts Majors probably know what that means, the rest of you can look it up! LOL!)   Anyway, in case I don't "see" you in a while, I just wanted to let you know wassup!  Gotta run now 'cause me fittest main man, da Ali G is about to come on HBO and I gots to get me head right so's I can 'preciate all the commotion!
Pax Tibi!
PS:  No.  Cappy doesn't get to go to work with me, just daBigBlueDodge.

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